Covid-19 Guidelines

  1. After entering the building each member’s temperature will be taken
  2. After temperatures are taken members will use hand sanitizer or wash their hands.
  3. Members should stay at the front of the building while socially distancing themselves before class.
  4. When the coach starts class, all members should find their orange square on the floor to and wait for instructions to get a piece of equipment or instructions on the warmup
  5. After using any piece of equipment members will be responsible for spraying and wiping down equipment, using the towel they got at the beginning of class.
  6. We are keeping high fives to ourselves and air fives will do for now.
  7. When possible, we will be outside to get our Vitamin D and fresh air, weather dependent.
  8. Try to get in and out of the gym on time since there is only so many people allowed in the building at once. Talking outside of the gym by your cars is just fine, just make sure we are being considerate of others time and space.
  9. If you have had or are currently experiencing a fever, stuffy nose, or loss of smell or taste, PLEASE keep yourself at home. We know fitness is life but we want to avoid any shut downs if possible. Don’t be the reason someone else gets sick.
  10. We will be moping floors and sanitizing equipment between classes as well to be extra safe. We are here to help stop the spread.